3 Weeks in Europe: Part 6 – Lisbon

3 Weeks in Europe: Part 6 – Lisbon

There are few countries in the world as beautiful as Portugal. The country has become enormously popular with tourists over the past few years. When the name Portugal is heard, the first thing that comes to the eyes of football lovers is the face of Cristiano Ronaldo, and no one wants to leave Portugal out when planning a trip to Europe. An immigrant-friendly and tourist-oriented European country, Portugal is located in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula, south and west of Spain. The country has a long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, and two autonomous islands, the Azores Islands and the Madeira Islands, are under Portuguese control. The north of Portugal is mountainous and green. It rains a lot, and the climate is cool. Along with nature, the people here are amicable. This country is also at the top of the list of choices for immigrants because Portugal’s rules are not tight. As a result, the number of people interested in permanent residence or travel is increasing in the country. Portugal is a calmer and more peaceful country than its neighbor Spain. Living in Portugal is also cheaper than any other country in Western Europe. By coming to this country with a valid visa, following specific rules, and passing a certain period, one can legally stay and live in this country with citizenship. In this part of my Europe journey, I am sharing information about visiting Portugal, a pilgrimage site of aesthetic beauty.


I woke up in the early morning with a good feeling of exploring Madrid and a dull sense because of the low-quality hostel. Then, after freshening up and having breakfast, I prepared to go to Portugal. My destination in Portugal was Lisbon, where I decided to take a bus from Madrid. One of the advantages of traveling by bus is that you enjoy the countryside on the way where there is nothing to see by bullet train or plane. It took about eight hours to get from Madrid to Lisbon by bus. There are various things to see on the way from Madrid, such as the rural environment of Portugal, cow, goat, and horse farms, etc. Lisbon is called Lisboa by the Portuguese. On arrival in Lisbon, I took a bus from the station straight to the apartment I had already booked. The apartment belonged to a Portuguese family on the other side of the city center or central bus terminal. I was alone in a single room in the apartment for three nights and two days. There was kitchen access where I could cook and eat myself if I wanted to. However, I ate outside in the restaurant, although I bought half a dozen eggs from the supermarket and boiled them for breakfast two days in the morning.


Historically, Portugal is the oldest country in Europe. It is a land of artistic aesthetics and is traditionally loved by people. There are numerous places to visit in Portugal. Portugal’s current tourism-friendly policies have made several cities one of the world’s best and most attractive tourist destinations. At least two of the world’s top ten tourist destinations are now in Portugal. One of the main attractions for tourists visiting Portugal is the capital city of Lisbon. It is a picturesque town on the banks of the Tagus River, consisting of seven large hills. It is an ancient and historical city. Lisbon is the third oldest city in the world after Athens in Greece and Rome in Italy. The natural environment is surrounded by sea, mountains, rivers, and several world heritage and cultural sites. The name of Lisbon is a city of extraordinary beauty, combining the old with the modern.

Many may have heard the name of Vasco-da-Gama; in 1497, he started his journey from Lisbon and reached Kappad Beach in Kerala, India. As a result, the sea passage from Europe to India was discovered. Apart from Vasco da Gama, Diaz, Columbus, Magellan, and other sailors discovered the sea passage of different continents through great patience, courage, intelligence, and ignoring the fear of death. As a result of these geographical discoveries, a far-reaching trade revolution took place throughout the world centered on Europe. The purpose of my trip to Europe this time was to visit the land of these sailors and see the ports from which the map indicated.

Mild climatic conditions, beautiful beaches, ancient architecture, and very delicious cuisine – all attract tourists to Portugal. Tourists from all over the world choose Portugal as a holiday destination. Portugal is the oldest country in Europe in history and tradition. It is a land of art and aesthetics and is historically loved by people. All tourists will be impressed by the hospitality of the Portuguese. As you move from the Nordic countries to Italy, Spain, or the land of the Portuguese, the taste of the food will increase. You will find Bangladeshis everywhere in Lisbon, but the most in Martim Moniz. You will find many amenities there, including Bangladeshi food; it is a 10-minute walk from the heart of Lisbon. A friend from my university lives here with her family, and I visited her house.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a city with many monuments of the heritage of the Old Portuguese period. About 300 years ago, there was a terrible earthquake, and everything was destroyed. Later everything was reconstructed. So the average age of almost all the structures is about three hundred years. Approximately two million people visit the city every year. Muslim architecture can be seen here as Muslim rulers ruled for more than 500 years. The city also has numerous parks for walking and exercising.

The most famous of the main attractions in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the Castle of Saint George (Castelo de São Jorge). It is located in the old part of Alfama at the foot of the hill in the heart of Lisbon. You can enjoy an incredible 360° view of Portugal’s capital here. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the Tagus River up close, if you look a little further, you can also see the blue waters of the Atlantic. The museums, archeological monuments, high walls, and observation towers can instantly make anyone’s mind go well.

One of Europe’s most iconic cities, Lisbon’s Alfama is a beautiful area to watch the sunset. Spending time with loved ones here at Sunset Point will be great. There are many rooftop restaurants where you can sit and take memorable photos while watching the sunset. You can spend a beautiful evening listening to Alfama Fed’s music. The people here are amiable and always enjoy the cultural atmosphere. This place is also a pocket-friendly place to have a great time.

Rua Augusta Arch is a historical monument in Lisbon, Portugal, between Elvada and Baixa Square in old Lisbon city. Built as a monument to the independence of Portugal, it is known as an important place between the Court of Justice and the main street in the middle of the city. From the top of the 55-meter-high historical monument, a beautiful view of Lisbon can be seen in the foreground.

Carmo Convent is a historical monument in the city of Lisbon, which was a temple of the ancient Carmelite order. Carmo Convent’s specialty is its chapel, built in an attractive Gothic style and can hold two large frontal columns. After the chapel’s destruction in the mid-eighteenth century, it became largely vacant; however, it remains an architectural structure. Its essential parts, such as the temple grounds, courtyards, and other structures, are available till now. Very popular with visitors, the Carmo Convent is a memorial site with many monuments and collections essential to Portugal’s cultural heritage.

Opposite the Carmo Convent is an ancient and historic monastery called Largo do Carmo, a square or open space. Here people can sit and have a relaxing time. This precinct has essential facilities like banks, shops, cafes, restaurants, and other service providers. It is interspersed with highly historical and cultural sights and reflects a part of Portugal’s historical Middle Ages.

Lisbon Cruise Port is known as Portugal’s principal cruise port and is located in the heart of the coastal city southeast of the commercial city of Lisbon. Cruise passengers use it as an entrance to the city of Lisbon, and it offers a variety of facilities and services for cruise passengers. The port has a beautiful modern terminal where cruise ship passengers are welcomed and served. The port has offices, office areas, restaurants, shopping complexes, parking facilities, banks, transportation facilities, and many more. It acts as a tourism hub and plays a vital role in the tourism development of the city of Lisbon.

The Carlos Lopes Pavilion is a significant structure or architectural work of the National Palace in Lisbon, Portugal. The Carlos López Pavilion was built as a tribute to former Portuguese athlete (long-distance runner) Carlos López. It is an institutional establishment, educational center, cultural center, and a building of appreciation for economic development. It is a complete glass structure and colorful dome installation, which brings life and artistic display. There are temporary tourist exhibits, including a permanent exhibition on athlete Carlos López, over 300 exhibits with sports equipment, and a trophy cabinet in the north tower. The main facade panels depict scenes from Portuguese history.


The bus fare from Madrid to Lisbon was 16 euros. The bus from the station to the apartment costs 2.15 euros with a fare of 1.65 euros and a travel card charge of .50 euros. The apartment rent was $40 per night. Food prices in supermarkets here are much lower than in other European countries. I bought half a dozen eggs from Super Shop for one and a half euros for breakfast. Lisbon’s transport system is excellent, with almost no traffic. Most of Lisbon’s attractions are within all neighborhoods. So you can quickly go anywhere by metro or bus. However, most of the places you can visit on foot without travel expenses.

Some Essential Tips for Lisbon Tour:

  • March to October is the finest time to travel to Lisbon. July and August are scorching.
  • Many nearby attractions can be visited on foot in stages to reduce travel costs.
  • There are Lisbon Hop-on Hop-off bus tour packages with a 48-hour pass to explore the city of Lisbon at your own pace. Here buses are available every 30 minutes. If you try to board the bus from the earliest stop, the crowd is much less.
  • A Seven Hills electric bike tour can be a great way to experience a little adventure in Lisbon.
  • Let’s travel to any part of the world, don’t do anything so that no other Bangladeshi should feel ashamed to introduce his country. So you keep the environment beautiful and clean and also encourage others. Remember, cleanliness is part of faith.

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