Preparation, Cost, and Experience of Traveling to Germany

Preparation, Cost, and Experience of Traveling to Germany

As soon as you hear the name Germany, some things come to mind, like Adolf Hitler, BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, the German national football team, etc. However, most Germans consider Adolf Hitler a dark chapter in history for playing villainous roles in World Wars I and II. Known as a developed country, it has made a name for its travel destinations worldwide. Germany is a country of great machines and advanced cars and has many unique places to visit. Germany, one of the most visited places in the world, has recently been ranked third among the most tourist-friendly countries. This country with the most robust economy in the European continent is considered the heart of Europe. There is plenty of cultures, natural beauty, and ancient history to discover. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery, architectural wonders, excellent museums, rich art, culture, history, and more make Germany an enchanting destination. From the rugged rocky Alps to the azure coastline of the Baltic, this awe-inspiring destination is a paradise when it comes to experiencing the beautiful joys of nature. Gorges, waterfalls, wetlands, and lakes create a stunning natural landscape that is a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure-seekers. In today’s article, I am trying to highlight some of the attractions of Germany along with my experience, which I enjoyed a lot.


What else in the world is more exciting than traveling? However, sometimes the mind gets upset due to unexpected reasons while traveling. Due to the flight delay from Geneva, it took a lot of time to reach Paris by road, and consequently, the Paris Explore was not completed as planned. In any case, simply accepting all this as part of the trip, I set off on time from Paris by air on an EasyJet flight to Berlin. I was utterly relieved to see the Charming cloud layers in the French sky on the way. So far, I have flown at least 100,000 km, and the cloud layer I saw in the French sky that day midway from France to Germany was genuinely fascinating. Most European hotels have a check-in time of 3 pm and a check-out time of 12 pm. I try to move from one place to another by maintaining this time. After checking in at my pre-booked hotel in Berlin, I freshen up and take a little rest. Then I went out into the streets of Berlin, walked around a bit and bought food, and returned to the hotel. As in Paris, Berlin has good frozen meals, including rice, fish, and meat, at relatively low cost. However, one thing worth mentioning is that I had a wine that day in Berlin that was the best I have ever tasted. Then I fell asleep, so I could head out to explore Berlin with total energy the next day.


We all know more or less about the beauty of Switzerland and Sweden, but there are some places in Germany whose beauty cannot be expressed in words. The last destination of my trip to Europe this time was Germany, and I spent three days in Germany, including two days in Berlin, the heart of Germany.

Berlin: Germany is said to be a nation rising from the rubble because the beautified city of Berlin was reduced to rubble by Soviet forces during World War II. The 700-year-old city of Berlin now has royalty spread all over the city. Berlin is not a city; houses, roads, and cars are showcased! Where and how to go – bus, taxi, subway, a sparkling clean city. And the people are very cheerful and friendly. People here can speak English more than in other European countries. If you want to know something or take the map in hand and stop to understand your position, someone will look at you with interest. If you walk up to someone and say, “Excuse me,” they will immediately stop and say in broken English, “How can I help you!” Exceptional, fantastic nation! What will you see in Berlin? It has no end of answers. Because you will like everything you see and visiting all corners of Berlin in just two days is impossible. The river Spree flows through Berlin, the capital of Germany and a historical city in Europe. It can be said that the city of Berlin is located on the banks of this river. The watercolor of this river is very similar to our Buriganga River, and however, there is no foul smell or garbage.

Street Art & Street Performer: Street art is one of the things that you will see most when you go out on the streets of Germany. Street art is a modern form of artistic expression that beautifies cities. A good street mural can inspire you to think about a socially important issue or remind you of classical works. Graffiti or street art is anything written or painted on the street or wall. This type of painting started in Paris. Then it spread to the big cities of different countries of the world. It has also scattered around Berlin. From the city’s streets to the walls of houses, lampposts, or institutions, the work of street artists can be seen everywhere. These arts are also done on the walls of privately owned homes. They are usually done in the dark of night to avoid the owner’s glare. However, street art is now acceptable to many of Berlin’s society. There are also many street performers roaming the streets of Berlin, some disabled and some unemployed. They display their talents and accept whatever money the visitors are happy to pay.

Humboldt Forum: Humboldt Forum is a famous museum in Germany, and it has also been compared to the British Museum. Built-in the 15th century, the Raj Prasad has been rebuilt many times. The Humboldt Forum, a replica of the former Royal Palace in Berlin, has ended. After new discussions, planning, and construction, Germany’s most significant and controversial cultural project was inaugurated virtually in December 2020 and opened to the public on July 20, 2021.

Germany and Poland Border: Crossing the border from one country to another is difficult. However, even if there is a border between Schengen countries, there is no obstacle to crossing it. But in this case, you must have a valid citizenship or visa from any Schengen country because the security forces can question your movements if they feel suspicious. On the morning of the 3rd day of my trip to Germany, I went from Berlin to Frankfurt (Oder) to cross Germany to Poland on foot. The border city of Frankfurt (Oder) is located on the banks of the Oder River in Brandenburg in northeastern Germany. The Oder River divides Germany and Poland here, and a bridge connects the two countries. I finally crossed the bridge over the Oder River and walked from Germany to Poland. After wandering around Poland for a few hours, I returned to Germany. At that time, the security forces asked to see my documents, and I saw my passport with a valid visa. No one even looked at me when I walked from Germany to Poland; there were no security forces on the Polish side of the border either. However, when entering Germany from Poland, the reason for checking is that Germany is an immigrant-friendly country, and many illegals always try to enter here. Even on the Oder River, I saw German security forces patrolling in speedboats. This small border town is very charming with its red-brick Gothic buildings. The Junge Kunst Museum also has a collection of East German art and some monuments.

Pictures of Germany from Poland


By air, EasyJet flights from Paris to Berlin cost me $35, and depending on the time, it can be as high as $40. Of all the European countries I have visited so far, Germany has been the cheapest place to stay in a hotel. The dorm room I stayed in in Berlin was only $25 daily. However, there is a separate charge for bed sheets and pillow covers, which can be up to $10 for stays of 3 days or more. A train ticket from Berlin to Frankfurt (Oder) costs around 10 euros. Meals in Berlin usually cost between 5 and 7 euros, but it’s different if you go to a fancy restaurant. The beef and rice I got for 7 euros were enough for two people to eat.

Some Essential Tips for Germany Tour:

  • Install the Going Local Berlin app alongside Google Maps on your iOS or Android device to guide you in exploring the city of Berlin.
  • Most German cities offer discount city cards that allow for discounted or even free entry to many landmarks, museums, clubs, and events, along with unlimited travel on the public transport system.
  • The cost will significantly reduce if a few friends or colleagues go to Germany.
  • Getting to the station earlier offers cheaper tickets, and group tickets reduce the cost even further. Also, you can often get a discount if you buy a ticket far from the destination.
  • Many discount offers are available in Germany if you have an international student ID.
  • Bring towels with you as you must pay extra for towels in German hotels.
  • Learn some German – It’s always a good idea to learn some of the local languages where you’re going, exceptionally “polite” expressions, and a few words related to food and drink.

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