Preparation, Cost, and Experience of Traveling to Thailand

Preparation, Cost, and Experience of Traveling to Thailand

Those who follow me may have understood that I am very travel-loving, and if I don’t give at least two/one tour a year, my mind and body are exhausted. Before the outbreak of Covid 19, my work pressure was not making it possible to tour. Suddenly, I thought about Thailand, a tourist-friendly country in South East Asia, full of natural beauty and one of the travel paradises. Thailand can be a perfect travel destination for budget-friendly, near and abroad travel destinations for travel lovers living in Bangladesh. Picturesque and attractive, this country is one of travel enthusiasts’ favorites and is famous for its thrilling tours worldwide. From the glittering lights of the modern city to the small villages nestled in the mountains and the vast sea, that will win anyone’s heart instantly. For those who have not been to Thailand yet, the beauty and splendor of Thailand cannot be explained by words alone. Having visited Bangkok, Pattaya, and Coral Island before covid 19, I was impressed by the extraordinary beauty of this country. So again, after covid 19, when everything started to be expected, I also visited Phuket, Phi Phi Island, and James Bond Island.


As soon as I decided to do a Thailand tour, I went to apply for a visa at the Embassy of Thailand on the second floor of the Star Center in Gulshan, Dhaka. Following all the rules and fulfilling the requirements, I applied that day. After a few days, I received a phone call, completed the interview, and got the visa quickly. I only had to understand that I was going to Thailand for a tour and not for any business purposes. Now it’s time to make final preparations to go to Thailand. Since there is no other option but to fly from Bangladesh to Thailand, after comparing and verifying the ticket prices of different airlines, I bought a return ticket on Thai Lion Air according to my convenience. I got the flight ticket at a meager price because I bought the flight ticket about a month before the tour. Meanwhile, I searched for information on Google and fixed a 4-day tour plan for Bangkok and Pattaya with its help. However, this time I started my journey to Bangkok without booking a hotel so that I could choose the hotel of my choice upon arrival.

When I decided to tour Thailand again after covid 19, I got the visa more easily after applying. I intended to do a 7-day tour of Phuket and its surrounding islands this time. This time my flight was on a Singapore Airlines plane where the fare was almost three times higher than the last. The increased jet fuel prices and the post-Covid 19 tourist rush may have increased air ticket prices. This time, since there were a lot of tourists, I booked a hotel in Phuket in advance. Finally, as my flight date approached, I set off with final preparations and arrived safely in Bangkok for the first time and Phuket for the second time, respectively.


Tourists worldwide have no shortage of visiting places in this lush land of charm and exquisite beauty. There is something for all types of tourists. As much as there is natural beauty in Thailand, there is also the great excitement of urban life. Hence, Thailand is now the most popular travel destination in Southeast Asia.

Bangkok: Very few people have not heard the name Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. If you come to Thailand and want to learn about the lifestyle and traditions of the Thai people, you should go to the capital, Bangkok. Many skyscrapers, modern architecture, galleries with mind-blowing art exhibitions, and museums exist here. Bangkok city is also famous for shopping. You will find all the favorite brands in the vast shopping mall called Siam Paragon. However, you must go to Chatuchak market to buy low-cost products by bargaining. There is also plenty of street food here. You can have fun eating these delicious foods along with the trip, making your trip more enjoyable.

Pattaya: Pattaya is one of the most attractive places in Thailand. Pattaya is a very famous place for honeymooners. However, many call this place a city of sin due to the abundance of women and drinking here. Among the many tourist attractions in Thailand, Pattaya Beach is the most popular attraction for tourists. The soft white sand of this beach, the vast blue sea in front, the colorful small boats grazing on it, and the green-clad mountains behind provide a different feeling. The beauty adorns each coral island of Pattaya, the seaside city of Thailand. Pattaya beach is not very big but well organized. The Thai government has made every effort to attract tourists to the beach. Pattaya at night is much more magical and attractive than Pattaya during the day.

Coral Island: Another beautiful beach like Pattaya Beach is Coral Island. There are several beaches together, so leaving in the morning will give you a good view of the island. The Coral Island ferry departs from the ferry pier at the end of Walking Street, takes 40 to 50 minutes, and costs around 30 baht. Those who have bundles of money can also go by speed boat.

Phuket: Thailand’s largest island and one of the most popular tourist destinations after Bangkok, Phuket, is also known as a polymorphic island. Phuket is a unique wonder of the blue waters of the sea, forests and tropical islands, white sandy beaches, islands, and small secluded islands full of forested mountains and beaches in the middle of the blue sea, which will take you to the paradise of fantasy for a while. Generally, these places are famous for their natural beauty, but their urban charm is different. If you want to see the night city of Phuket, you must go to Bangla Road. Just after sunset, this street takes on a different atmosphere. This night street is full of neon lights and full of cheers. Almost all restaurants, bars, and clubs worldwide can be found here. However, it is better not to bring children here. The primary purpose of people visiting this island is to come and relax. All kinds of entertainment are going on here throughout the night.

Phi Phi Island: This island is located between Phuket and the western straits of Malacca. This island is still trendy in Thailand due to its aesthetic beauty. The picturesque surroundings here are charming for any tourist, and anyone visiting here will get lost in the beauty of its blue-green water. You can experience exciting and thrilling rides like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and diving in Shark Point, Enneme Reef, and King Cruiser Reef. If you are a wanderlust person traveling to Thailand, then by any means, include this place on your travel list. By visiting this island, you will understand how much people can enjoy traveling from an island.

James Bond Island: Besides the beaches, another beauty of Phuket is the limestone cliffs in the Andaman Sea. Many movies are shot in these diverse limestone hills, and some scenes of The Man with the Golden Gun movie from the James Bond series were shot on an island here. Hence the name of the island is named ‘James Bond Island.’ Along with swimming, you can also enjoy kayaking and sailing here.


Bangladesh to Thailand travel cost largely depends on the plane fare as there is no other way to travel except by air. So the cheaper you can buy air tickets, the lower your travel expenses will be. Before covid 19, the Thai Lion Air ticket cost me 14000 BDT; after covid 19, Singapore Airlines cost me 37000 BDT. After going to Bangkok, I met a Bangladeshi brother and shared a hotel room. In this case, the hotel room rent was per head 800 Thai Baht in Bangkok and 700 Thai Baht in Pattaya. On the other hand, seven days of hotel rental and two one-day packages (for Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island), including airport pickup and drop in Phuket, cost me 50,000 BDT. One-day packages to Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island include hotel pickup and drop, buffet lunch, snacks, and all expenses paid for all rides. Generally, eating western food anywhere is expensive, and food is always available within a budget at Thailand’s street carts and simple, open-air restaurants. The local food of Thailand is very delicious with the use of various spices and seasonings. You will find all the interesting Bengali food in Thailand restaurants and many Bengali restaurants. However, all types of food from all over the world are available here.

Some Essential Tips for Thailand Tour:

  • Booking the flight ticket and hotel a month in advance is better, as it reduces the cost.
  • You can save considerable money if you plan and travel from Bangladesh without taking a package from a travel agency.
  • When you arrive in Thailand and buy a SIM card, check out the internet package. That will help you communicate more at home and travel around Thailand using Google Maps.
  • Book the package at least one day before going to Coral Island. The package includes transportation from Pattaya to Coral Island and meals.
  • Phuket island tours usually offer hotel pickup and drop service, so there is no travel cost. However, if you can take a hotel around Patong Beach, it is convenient.
  • Although Bangkok’s currency is Bath, Euros or Dollars are accepted almost everywhere. It is better to carry the Thai Baht with you while leaving Bangladesh. However, having a credit and debit card can handle additional purchases or expenses.
  • In Thailand, you can rent a motorcycle or scooter to explore all the beaches and places, which will keep your travel expenses under control.
  • When it comes to shopping, everything in Thailand is expensive. So try to bargain and buy.
  • Please do not pollute the environment. Dispose of garbage in designated areas.

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